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‘Active Informative, Fun!’   Alaska Adventures

Please join us this summer for a once in a lifetime, Alaska adventure!

ALASKA–ADVENTURE WONDERLAND: Dreaming of Alaska and adventure? Have a week or more of vacation, and want to make the most of it? Are you eager not just to see, but to actively experience, to learn about, and to have some real fun in Alaska? Ready to hike, sea kayak, whitewater raft, glacier trek, ice climb, canoe, view wildlife, eat like a king, and, in short, live large under the midnight sun?

Well then, you’ve come to the right place: Get Up and Go! Tours offers high quality yet affordable Alaska Multi-Sport / Hiking, Family and Custom tours that are truly, as our slogan says, ‘Active, Informative, Fun!’

  • ACTIVE: Our professionally guided, small group tours do more than just show you the splendor of Alaska: Regardless of which tour itinerary or accommodation style you choose, fantastic day hikes and a variety of exciting and uniquely Alaskan multi-sport adventure activities get you off the beaten track, up, and active in the amazing Alaskan wilds virtually every day of the tour!
  • INFORMATIVE: Along with the great outdoor activities, frequent wildlife viewing opportunities and beautiful scenery, daily background and natural history briefings enrich your Alaska experience by helping you to better understand and appreciate the very special nature of “The Great Land.”
  • FUN! Our guides and clients are people like you: Active, friendly, curious, fun-loving, and hungry for new experiences. You’ll be in good company with Get Up and Go! and are sure to make some new friends.

10-day Alaska Explorer; 7-day Mountains & Glaciers; 6-day Kenai Explorer; 6-day Alaska Ranger;
-day Alaska Family Explorer

“I LOVED my Alaska vacation with Get Up and Go! It was everything I was hoping for and more. The guides were the best: informative, fun, and flexible to the needs/wants of the group. Highlights? Hiking the Bonanza Ridge (in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park) and an impromptu flight around McKinley. The kayak day was awesome. All the activities (glacier trek, river rafting) were new experiences and fun. It was 10 days of saying ‘It just doesn’t get better than this.’ Thanks for a great tour. I also appreciated the perfect weather you ordered for us.”
–Bonnie Timm, Seattle, Washington, Alaska Explorer


TOUR TYPES: Because not all active outdoors lovers have the same vision of their ideal Alaska vacation, Get Up and Go! Tours offers different tour itineraries in both ‘Camp & Cabin,’ and Lodge-based formats. Choose from our full slate of Alaska Multi-Sport / Hiking Tours and Alaska Family Tours (for families with children ages 10 and above, or ages 6 and above on select and private tours, please ask): There’s something for all types of active and adventurous people! Click on any of these links for details including tour descriptions, dates, and prices.

Single travelers (more than a third of our clients come by themselves: don’t be shy!), as well as couples, groups of friends, colleagues, and families are all welcome on our tours. Or let us design a once in a lifetime Alaska Custom Adventure (guided or unguided) for your family, business, private group, or organization. But be warned, Alaska will cast its spell on you!


GET ACTIVE AND EXPERIENCE THE REAL ALASKA ON A GET UP & GO!  Multi-Sport/Hiking Tour: Our affordable, 6 to 19+ day Multi-Sport / Hiking tours cater to adventurous, outdoor-oriented people who understand that to truly experience a place you have to lace up your boots or grab a paddle and get out there!

ALASKA IS A HIKER’S PARADISE: Along with the spectacular scenery, all Get Up and Go! Multi-Sport/Hiking tours–whether Camping, ‘Camp & Cabin,’ or Lodge-based–are highlighted by fantastic daily hiking opportunities.

These beautiful hikes are of varying distances and difficulty levels, and often feature more than one option. Long or short, challenging or casual: there’s something for everyone of moderate fitness or better. And because our tours are fully supported and base-camp oriented, you never have to carry more than a lightweight day pack!

ADVENTURE, ALASKAN STYLE: In addition to the great hiking, all Get Up and Go! tours feature included opportunities for you to try your hand at a variety of other more adventurous, uniquely Alaskan multi-sport adventure activities, including sea kayaking, glacier trekking, ice climbing, whitewater river rafting, and canoeing.

Never tried some of these before? Don’t worry, no previous experience is necessary; they’re professionally guided, easier, and safer than it might seem, and a tremendous amount of fun. Taking a Get Up and Go! Alaska tour can be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to safely try some of these exciting adventure sports for yourself. And if you’re an old hand, Alaska serves up world-class settings for these activities that you won’t find anywhere else.

Superb fishing, glacier and wildlife-viewing day cruises, helicopter-accessed sled dog mushing, and scenic “flight-seeing” are also available on many of our tours (or before or afterwards).

We also offer Anchorage-area day hikes.

“The highlight of my entire vacation was the ‘hands on’ experience with you and the group in Alaska. It was truly an adventure, and would have to be ranked right at the top of my favorite places and trips I’ve taken. I hope to travel with you again on one of your future tours. Thanks for a great time.”
–Eddie Brower, Secaucus New Jersey

    Approaching Shoup Glacier, PWS              Six Mile Creek rafters

“We would love to come back and do another tour with you–in fact going back to Alaska is practically all we have talked about since we got back!
— Mike Dixon & Stacy Pargett, Kentucky


ALASKA’S AMAZING FLORA, BIRD AND WILDLIFE: In addition to getting you up and going in the Alaskan wilds, all Get Up and Go! tours are highlighted by regular wildlife-viewing opportunities. Depending on which tour you choose, you’ll have excellent chances to view grizzly and black bears, caribou, moose, Dall sheep, beavers, sea otters, sea lions, orcas, spawning salmon, and many more species, all in their natural coastal or sub-arctic tundra, taiga, or boreal forest habitats. An amazing diversity of bird-life, including bald eagles, arctic terns, puffins, loons, trumpeter swans and innumerable other species, as well as a profusion of colorful wildflowers are also abundant.

Bull Moose

QUALITY LEADERSHIP: Recognizing that the guide is the single most important factor in the success or failure of any guided trip, we employ some of the very best! In addition to being knowledgeable about Alaskan human and natural history, our experienced and well-trained guides are friendly, multi-talented and conscientious: he or she will take a personal interest in you, and work hard to assure that your vacation is the relaxing, enjoyable, and memorable experience you expect!

Your hard-working guide will organize and coordinate the daily schedule and activities, transport you, keep you informed, guide you on hikes and adventures, feed you (and quite well, if we do say so), handle all the details and any unexpected problems that might arise, and, in a nutshell, do what it takes to make sure that the trip is enjoyable and successful. You can relax knowing you’ll be in good hands with Get Up and Go!

You won’t find a better Alaska trip for the money anywhere: we guarantee it.

araska 08 - 0388Hey, look at that!

“Hey boys, in writing this letter I could not help but remember my fearless, Alaskan guides, who did it all to assure us a great time! You are truly the ultimate campers! Thanks again for a wonderful vacation, you guys put together a great trip, which I for one intend on repeating. I will certainly recommend you guys to anyone! It was a lot of fun!”
— Alejandro Bates, Palm Beach, Florida


Significantly, our itineraries feature a majority of two and three-night stops, which mean more full, travel-free days for hiking and adventuring, less time spent packing and unpacking, and more time for relaxing and enjoying yourself and the great Alaskan outdoors.

On our Camping and ‘Camp & Cabin’-based tours, days are climaxed by exceptional, multi-course camp meals, featuring fresh seafood, meats, fruits, vegetables, and desserts.

Dinner with a (glacier) view!

Wait till you see what our guides can do with a dutch oven and a grill on an open campfire! Most meals on camping-based tours, and all breakfasts and lunches on lodge-based tours are included. Dinners on lodge tours, and the few non-included meals on other tours, are taken at our lodges, restaurants, or on the ferry. Vegetarians, vegans and many other special diets can also be accommodated.

ADDITIONAL TOUR FEATURES: All of our tours feature well designed, moderately paced itineraries, small groups (minimum 4, average 7-8, maximum 10 to 12), scenic campgrounds and/or charming, locally owned lodges, all specified entrance fees, top quality equipment, and of course all the scenery, hiking, and ‘multi-sport’ adventure activities you desire, as well as regular natural history briefings.

WHO GOES ON OUR TOURS? Active, adventurous, curious and fun-loving adults from the world over are welcome! We have hosted more than 6,000 people from more than 100 countries over the course of our 20+ years in operation. If you are healthy, active, eager to get out there and hike, sea kayak, whitewater raft, canoe, glacier trek (or ice climb), view wildlife, eat like a king, and simply live large under the Midnight Sun, all with the friendly and capable assistance of our wonderful, professional guides: Get Up and Go! Tours is the company for you! Except on our Family tours, most Get Up & Go! tours are for adults aged 18 and over (mature teens are permitted when traveling with an adult parent or chaperone).

More than a third of our clients are solo travelers, so even if you don’t have a travel companion, please don’t be afraid to come on your own: you’re sure to make some new friends!

The scenic Denali Highway

The scenic Denali Highway

MODES OF TRANSPORT: We travel overland, from campsite to campsite or lodge to lodge, in comfortable and custom roof rack-equipped 15-passenger vans. On many tours we take to the sea or air to more remote or otherwise inaccessible destinations via the Alaska Marine Highway (the state ferry), private “water taxis,” or scenic bush plane flights (all are included in the tour price).

AN ENRICHING EXPERIENCE: As mentioned above, along with everything else–the great daily hiking, the additional adventure activity options, the good company, the leisurely trip pace, the delicious food, and the amazing Alaskan wildlife and scenic splendor–all of our trips feature a strong (yet low-key) educational component as well.

The human and natural history of Alaska–the people, places, wildlife, flora, and geography–spring to life with regular and informal briefings and discussions. Learning about the fascinating history of the places you are visiting and the natural things you are seeing can greatly enhance your Alaskan adventure, transforming it from a simple “vacation” into a more enjoyable and meaningful experience.

We take pride in sharing our knowledge, insight, and experience with our clients, as we feel that this accents our tours and distinguishes our company from our competitors. It’s even part of our motto: Get Up and Go! Tours: The ‘Active, Informative, Fun!’ way to experience the Real Alaska”

OUR PHILOSOPHY: At Get Up and Go! Tours, our mission is to help people actively experience and truly appreciate the Alaska they’ve dreamed of: a timeless, wild, and beautiful land as rich with possibilities of adventure and inspiration as it is with awesome landscapes and wildlife.

From the first nomadic ice age hunter, who unwittingly wandered across the Bering Land Bridge from Asia in pursuit of a herd of caribou, to the 19th century Klondike gold ‘stampeder’, to the modern day ecotourist, the history of Alaska is a fascinating tale of exploration and discovery, of restless and adventurous humans at the far edges of the known world confronting wild nature in its grandest, most dramatic forms.

Crow Pass hiker

In today’s super-hectic modern world “the call of the wild” is at least as compelling as it’s ever been. With this in mind, Get Up and Go! Tours strives to make contemporary Alaskan exploration available not only to the ultra-intrepid, rugged, and rich, but to anyone with a yearning for adventure and personal discovery (and yes, a week or more of vacation time).

SO COME ON-EXPERIENCE WILD ALASKA WITH GET UP AND GO! TOURS: Alaska truly is a magical land, rich in beauty, natural splendor, and uncommon opportunities for both adventure and escape. It’s still-being-formed landscapes, vast wildernesses, abundant wildlife, and remote situation at the far edges of the too-hectic, modern world make it an idyllic, natural getaway destination. (Check out our Why Alaska? webpage for more about Alaska).

Our active, small-group mode of travel makes it easy for you to actively experience and get to know this larger-than-life adventure wonderland for yourself on one of our inexpensive and well-planned tours, with the friendly assistance of our knowledgeable, professional guides. So why not get the most from your Alaska vacation on a GET UP AND GO! tour: The ‘Active, Informative, Fun!’ way to experience the Real Alaska.

Call or email us today! 1.888.868.4147 or 1.907.245.0795.

PICK A TOUR: For details about our tours, check out our Alaska Tour Selector, Multi-Sport/Hiking Tours or Family Tours pages.

“Now that I am home I can’t help but wonder if I will ever recover from the trip of a lifetime — I had an absolute ball and my only reservation about doing it all again is my fear that it could never ever be as good as the first time!”
–Dudley Chignall, Essex, England


Please Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves…

Hello and welcome! I’m Geoffrey Downes, founder and Owner/Operator of Get Up & Go! Tours. On behalf of our guides and staff I want to thank you for your interest in our company and for taking the time to read through our ALASKA 2024 ONLINE BROCHURE. As an Alaska-based, and local, owner-operated company, we’re especially proud of our commitment to the highest standards of quality, value, personal attention and friendliness and of our dedication to orchestrating an exciting well-rounded, enjoyable and safe Alaskan experience you’ll always remember.

Since 1991 I have been professionally guiding people of more than 100 nationalities throughout western North America, from southern Mexico to the Alaskan and Canadian Arctic, sharing with them my experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and strong respect for nature, the great outdoors and all things Alaskan. I enjoy it!

Geoff Downes in Wrangle Saint Elias National Park

Owner/Operator Geoff Downes backpacking in Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park

Inspired by restlessness and a sense of adventure I gave up my teaching career and decided to resume guiding, coming to Alaska on an assignment in 1994. I was awestruck. The experience changed my life and I’ve been guiding and exploring here ever since, learning everything I can about the land and getting out as often as possible. With each passing year I have grown more enchanted by the uncanny wildness, beauty and spirit of Alaska and more enthusiastic about my experiences and life here. Alaska is a truly special place, a land rich with beauty, authenticity, adventure and its own larger-than-life mystique.

Following several seasons of guiding for other outfits I officially established Get Up & Go! Tours in 2002, determined to provide the complete ‘Active, Informative, Fun!’ experience I knew people were actually looking for, and to do things right. Immediately successful beyond my wildest dreams, Get Up & Go! Tours is now in our 23rd season, and we’re proud to have shared the wild Alaska we all love with more than 6,000 satisfied clients: active, adventurous and fun-loving people from the world over. A huge part of this success is due, of course, to our first rate guiding staff, most of whom have been with us for several years. Ray, Nicole, Cheryl, Suzie, Sophie, Rebecca, Andy, Cassie, Brad, and the rest of our friendly and outstanding staff look forward to sharing their own private Alaska with you!

Thank you again for your interest in Get Up & Go! Tours. I invite you to come up and discover Alaska for yourself this summer on one of our ‘Active, Informative, Fun!’ Multi-Sport/Hiking, Family or Custom/Private tours. If you’re anything like me, a renewed respect and appreciation for the natural world will more than likely result (along with a lot of fun and great memories), borne of inspiring personal experiences and discovery. –Geoff

PS: Please feel free to print out any or all pages of this ALASKA 2024 ONLINE BROCHURE, which will make it much easier to read and to consult later. And don’t hesitate to email or give us a call, we’re here to help!

Call us toll-free: 1-888-868-4147 (from the US and Canada) or 1-907-245-0795 (from all other countries).


“Hi Geoff, Just wanted to write and tell you what an absolutely amazing time I had on the Get Up and Go! AK tour with you guys! The song ‘I’ve Had the Time of My Life’ would be a pretty accurate description. I am not sure how you pick the people in the groups, but our group was phenomenal. Everyone was great. (Your guides) Marci and Jed were awesome. We had so many laughs. Food was wonderful scenery was excellent. (The guides) had a lot of knowledge about Alaska and its history. I definitely would do this again. Thanks so much, and give Marci and Jed my best.”
–June Lighty, Okeechobee, FL. Alaska Explorer

“I have to thank you for making this amazing experience possible!! … I’m happy to spread the good word … anyone who wants to really experience Alaska has to check out Get Up and Go! Tours! –Rana Salzhauer, New Jersey

“We were 100% satisfied… from the initial planning to taking care of the smallest details–should we want to take a trip again, you’d be the one to call.” –Peter Cornelius, Santa Cruz, California

“We spent 10 unforgettable days on the Alaska Explorer Camp & Cabin Multi-Sport/Hiking tour. The landscape was breathtaking and our guides were very good. Our highlights were the kayaking trip in Valdez to the glacier as well as the trip into Denali N.P. where we saw a lot of wildlife. The whole trip was awesome and we hope to go back one day. I heard from Barbara that she liked the Kenai Explorer tour she took after our trip very much, and that she saw a lot of wildlife like bears, whales, etc. So that would be a trip I could imagine doing next time. In the meantime, I’m glad I can recommend your tours as I know that people will have great guides and very well organised trips. Thank you!” –Jackie Buechli and Rolf Binder, Switzerland

“Thank you for a splendid, adventurous week. Everything you promised came true and even more. Thanks for your kindness, knowledge, and giving us so many wonderful memories!”
–Sharyn, Joel, & David Budnetz, Forest Hills, New York

“Thanks again, (it’s) definitely on the top of my list of the best trips in my life. (My brother, sister, and I) really enjoyed all the hikes…. I miss listening to your talks, and definitely miss your cooking! I can only pray that I get to go back someday.”
–Henny Muktijiwaya, Indonesia

“So it’s been a couple of weeks now that I have been back from my Mountains & Glaciers tour. I just wanted to let you know your tour exceeded all my expectations. I had never done an organized tour before and had serious reservations, but you guys pulled everything off in spades. Great activities, guides, food, etc. The group was terrific and I had such a great time.
“Even as a solo traveler, I never felt alone or awkward on this terrific trip. I’d do it again in a heartbeat (and just might!). I wish your company the best of success and hope to see you again in the future.”
–Steve North, Olympia, WA. Mountains & Glaciers

“I wanted to let you know that we had an absolutely wonderful trip…”
–Karen and Kevin Doyle, New York, honeymooners on the Alaska Ranger

“I would like to thank you and our tour Guide Dave for a truly remarkable holiday. We had a tremendous time (on the Alaska Family Explorer) and have been very impressed by the efficiency and professional approach by your organisation. Dave looked after the two families extremely well. The 4 adults are now tempted to come back for a trip in Wrangell-St Elias……… We would definitely recommend Get Up and Go! Tours to others. With best wishes,”
–The Wilkie Family. England

“I’d just like to (tell you) what a blast I had on the tour. Everything was great! (Alaska) blew me away! Thanks again for a great trip.” –Bob Gunza, Elmwood Park, New Jersey

“I enjoyed every minute! Thanks for your patience. Wonderful, wonderful, and most of it thanks to your expertise. It more than lived up to all our expectations.”
–Jenny Neal, Colchester, England

“What a fantastic trip! I had such a fabulous time… After having experienced Alaska, this civilized society stuff is downright depressing. The best I can do is develop my photos, torture others with them, and save up my money for my next trip…. I’m definitely happy to give you a great reference!”
— Evelyn Kofler, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

“Thank you Geoff for a very interesting Alaskan experience. Your knowledge of the area and natural history was greatly appreciated. PS: The food was great!”
— Janet Penfold, Burres, England

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour: Lodge-Based
10 days

Lodge-based: $4,250 pp ($1,275 Single Supplement): June 23-July 2; July 7-16; July 21-30; August 4-13*; August 15-24* (*Fall Colors & Northern Lights!)

Alaska Explorer Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour: ‘Camp & Cabin’
7 days

Camp & Cabin-based: $1,895 pp: June 23-29; July 7-13; July 21-27; August 11-17*; August 25-31*

Mountains & Glaciers Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour: ‘Camp & Cabin’
6 days

Camp & Cabin-based: $1,750 pp ($80 Single Supplement): June 9-14; July 7-12; August 4-9*
(*Fall Colors & Northern Lights!)

Alaska Ranger Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tours: ‘Camp & Cabin’
6 days

Camp & Cabin-based: $1,675 pp + local sales tax: June 2-7; June 16-21; July 14-19; July 28-August 2; August 18-23

Kenai Explorer Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)

Family Fun and Adventure! Lodge-based
9 days

Lodge-based: $2,695 adults, $1,695 children plus local sales tax: June 12-20; June 23-July 1; July 7-15; July 19-27; August 2-10; August 16-24. Additional, custom and/or private dates possible, as are private Camp & Cabin-based trips, please inquire.

Alaska Family Explorer Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)


For details and descriptions of combination tours, please see the descriptions of the shorter tours that compose them.

When you sign up for any of our combination tours you’ll receive a $50 lodging credit/discount, to be applied to the Anchorage hotel or hostel of your choice

*Note: The “+” sign indicates that there may be one or more unguided/free additional layover days in Anchorage between tour segments. Take a day off, or go on an Anchorage-Area Day Hike or two with us!

12 & 13+ Day Combination Tours

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 12+ days.
Camp & Cabin-based: $3,375 pp + local sales tax: June 2-14; July 7-19, July 28-August 9.

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 13+ days.
‘Camp & Cabin’-based: $3,520 + local sales tax: June 16-29; July 7-19; July 14-27; July 21-August 2; August 18-31.

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 13+ days.
‘Camp & Cabin’-based: $3,595: August 4-17

16+ Day Combination Tours

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 16+ days.
Lodge and ‘Camp & Cabin’-based: $5,875. June 16-July 2; July 14-30; July 28-August 13.

19+ Day Combination Tours

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 19+ days.
‘Camp & Cabin’-based: $5,220 + local sales tax: June 9-29; July 7-27; July 21-August 9; July 28-August 17

Alaska Tour Selector
Questions? Call Us Toll Free: 1-888-868-4147 or 1-907-245-0795