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We offer two different Lodge-based trips: Our 10-day Alaska Explorer, plus a 9-day Alaska Family Explorer lodge tour! Scroll down for dates and prices.

Alaska Lodge-Based Tours
General Information, Tour Itineraries, Dates & Prices

GET UP AND GO! TO ALASKA: Experience wild Alaska for yourself this summer on one of Get Up and Go! Tours active and exciting 10-day Lodge-based Multi-Sport / Hiking tours. As with our other fully-guided, small-group tours, Get Up and Go! Lodge Tours are designed for the active, adventurous person who wants to experience not the prepackaged Alaska of mainstream tourism, or the restrictions of the cruise ship, but the real Alaska available only to those who are willing to get out there and actively explore!

With this in mind, all of our lodge-based tours offer fantastic daily hiking and adventure multi-sport activities, as well as great chances to view wildlife, soak up the spectacular scenery, and get a good feel for the immensity, beauty, and very special nature of the sub-arctic Alaskan wilderness. Unlike on our ‘Camp & Cabin’-based tours, however, at the end of an exciting day of adventuring, “lodge-trippers” cozy up not in a tent, but in a warm room and comfortable bed.

Please read on for more general information about our Lodge-based tours program, or to go directly to detailed tour description sheets, click on the links above.

You may also want to consider one of our Alaska ‘Camp & Cabin’-based tours.

“I don’t typically do this following a trip, but this trip was so sensational I really need to let you know. Tim and I were beyond satisfied with the great itinerary, optional opportunities, and terrific planning for our 10 days in Alaska.
“Thanks for offering such a great way to see Alaska and having the good sense to pick such a great guide. I’ll spread the word to my traveling friends.”
— Joan Fulton, York, Pennsylvania, Alaska Explorer Lodge-based tour

OUR LODGING: Locally owned and operated, and ranging from somewhat rustic to very modern, our lodges, B&B’s and cabins are not extravagant (don’t expect televisions, baggage handling, or room service). They are however comfortable, friendly, scenically situated and rich with Alaskan hospitality and character! Most feature private bathrooms and showers, although in more remote locations, a few are more rustic, with shared (and very clean) facilities. Many of the lodges also offer opportunities to meet local people, thus offering a slice of local color, and some insight into what it’s like to live in the Great Land year around. You’re going to like them!

MEALS: Except on the ferry, all breakfasts and lunches (and several dinners, on Family tours) are included in the prices of our tours. Most breakfasts are either ordered off the regular menu or are hot, multi-course buffets; a few are continental style. Lunches are high quality, all-you-can-eat picnics, or pack-your-own brown bag lunches to be enjoyed at some scenic viewpoint during a hike. Non-included dinners are taken either at our lodges or in local restaurants, and are paid for individually.

AND THE GUIDE? Our guides are friendly, capable, and multi-talented men and women who are passionate about Alaska, and about being active in the outdoors. He or she will also take a personal interest in you, making sure you are enjoying yourself and your Alaska experience.

Your hard-working guide will organize and coordinate the daily schedule and activities, transport you, keep you informed, guide you on hikes and adventures, handle all the details and any unexpected problems that might arise, and, in a nutshell, do what it takes to make sure that the trip is successful. You can relax knowing you’ll be in good hands with Get Up and Go!

LODGE-BASED MULTI-SPORT / HIKING TOURS: Our Lodge-based Multi-Sport / Hiking tours include all the same great multi-sport activities as our ‘Camp & Cabin’-based tours. Depending on which tour itinerary you choose, sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, glacier trekking, and/or canoeing, as well as truly great hiking, are included activities on these tours. See our Activities Comparison Chart or the individual Tour Description Sheets (click the links at the top of this page) for details.

Never tried some of these before? Don’t worry, no previous experience is necessary; they’re fully guided, easier, and safer than they might seem, and a tremendous amount of fun. A Get Up and Go! Tours trip can be the perfect opportunity to safely try these exciting and fast-growing adventure activities for yourself. All optional activities will be arranged by your guide, and are payable locally. Credit cards are accepted.

GET UP AND GO! HIKING: In addition to all the included multi-sport activities, there are also great scheduled hikes nearly every day of every tour. The hikes are of varying lengths and difficulty levels, but all have in common dramatic scenery and larger-than-life Alaskan beauty. Alaska hikes traverse a variety of terrains and ecosystems, from rolling tundra hills, to glacial gorges and moraines, to mountain ridges, to lush forests, to alpine meadows, and more. If there’s anything that characterizes Alaska hiking, it’s variety! Whether your goal is to climb every mountain in sight, simply to enjoy a more casual walk at your own pace, admiring the wildflowers, scenery, and wildlife, or something in between, you’ll find a hike to suit you. The scenery always looks better when you experience it on foot, and long after you’ve returned home, the thing that you’ll remember most about your Alaskan experience will be the beautiful hikes.

NATURAL HISTORY INFORMATION: All Get Up and Go! tours feature daily activity briefings and “set the scene” commentary from your guides on the human and natural history of places to be visited. This friendly, casually presented commentary helps to bring the people, places, land forms, flora and fauna alive for our clients, and is one of the things that really distinguishes our tours. If you’ve been fortunate to have knowledgeable guides in the past then you know how much this can add to your overall experience. It’s even part of our motto: Get Up and Go! Tours: Active, Informative, Fun! Alaska Adventures.”

WHAT’S THE RUSH? A big advantage of all Get Up and Go! tours is the leisurely pace of our itineraries. Rather than packing up and driving every day, with just a little time in the afternoons for hikes, our tours feature a majority of 2 and 3-night stops, giving us more time to enjoy the beautiful Alaskan country you came to see, more time to hike, and more free time to relax.

HAVE QUESTIONS OR WANT TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE ON A TOUR? Please contact us by calling 1-888-868-4147 (toll free from the US or Canada), or 1-907-245-0795 (from all other countries). You can also reach us by email at:


Alaska Lodge-Based Tour Descriptions, Dates & Prices



10 Days. Starts and ends in Anchorage

2024 Tour Dates & Prices:
Lodge-Based Tours Dates:
June 23-July 2; July 7-16; July 21-30; August 4-13*; August 15-24*
(*Fall Colors & Northern Lights!)

Lodge-Based Tour Price: $4,250 pp (no sales tax). Lodge Tour Single Supplement: $1,275.
Supplements apply only to single travelers or those who want a private room throughout the tour; to try to avoid the supplement, ask about sharing a room with another same-sex single.

ALASKA EXPLORER offers the best of Alaska, including 3-night stops in Denali and Wrangell-St. Elias National Parks, a 2-night stop in Valdez on Prince William Sound, and one night at Maclaren River, in the tundra-clad foothills of the Alaska Range. The tour also includes a scenic small plane flight through the mountains to McCarthy, deep in the heart of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, and a scenic Prince William Sound ferry crossing. There is excellent hiking all along the way, exceptional wildlife viewing opportunities, and a great variety of landscapes.

Included Multi-Sport activities include whitewater rafting, canoeing, glacier trekking, and a fantastic sea kayaking day trip through the icebergs to an active tidewater glacier.

Like all of our Multi-Sport/Hiking tours, Alaska Explorer is for adults only. Mature teens age 15 and over are permitted with an adult chaperone.

Please note that our Alaska Explorer Lodge tour can in some cases also be combined with our 6-day Kenai Explorer ‘Camp & Cabin’-based tour if you would like a longer holiday and want to try a few days of camping.


Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour: Lodge-Based
10 days

Lodge-based: $4,250 pp ($1,275 Single Supplement): June 23-July 2; July 7-16; July 21-30; August 4-13*; August 15-24* (*Fall Colors & Northern Lights!)

Alaska Explorer Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour: ‘Camp & Cabin’
7 days

Camp & Cabin-based: $1,895 pp: June 23-29; July 7-13; July 21-27; August 11-17*; August 25-31*

Mountains & Glaciers Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour: ‘Camp & Cabin’
6 days

Camp & Cabin-based: $1,750 pp ($80 Single Supplement): June 9-14; July 7-12; August 4-9*
(*Fall Colors & Northern Lights!)

Alaska Ranger Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tours: ‘Camp & Cabin’
6 days

Camp & Cabin-based: $1,675 pp + local sales tax: June 2-7; June 16-21; July 14-19; July 28-August 2; August 18-23

Kenai Explorer Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)

Family Fun and Adventure! Lodge-based
9 days

Lodge-based: $2,695 adults, $1,695 children plus local sales tax: June 12-20; June 23-July 1; July 7-15; July 19-27; August 2-10; August 16-24. Additional, custom and/or private dates possible, as are private Camp & Cabin-based trips, please inquire.

Alaska Family Explorer Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)


For details and descriptions of combination tours, please see the descriptions of the shorter tours that compose them.

When you sign up for any of our combination tours you’ll receive a $50 lodging credit/discount, to be applied to the Anchorage hotel or hostel of your choice

*Note: The “+” sign indicates that there may be one or more unguided/free additional layover days in Anchorage between tour segments. Take a day off, or go on an Anchorage-Area Day Hike or two with us!

12 & 13+ Day Combination Tours

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 12+ days.
Camp & Cabin-based: $3,375 pp + local sales tax: June 2-14; July 7-19, July 28-August 9.

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 13+ days.
‘Camp & Cabin’-based: $3,520 + local sales tax: June 16-29; July 7-19; July 14-27; July 21-August 2; August 18-31.

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 13+ days.
‘Camp & Cabin’-based: $3,595: August 4-17

16+ Day Combination Tours

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 16+ days.
Lodge and ‘Camp & Cabin’-based: $5,875. June 16-July 2; July 14-30; July 28-August 13.

19+ Day Combination Tours

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 19+ days.
‘Camp & Cabin’-based: $5,220 + local sales tax: June 9-29; July 7-27; July 21-August 9; July 28-August 17