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ALASKA MEANS ADVENTURE and our Alaska Multi-Sport / Hiking Tours get you out there, experiencing the real Alaska with activities like sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, glacier trekking (or ice climbing), canoeing, and truly exceptional day hiking. No previous experience is necessary for any activity!

SEA KAYAKING: Ever dreamed of paddling a sea kayak to the face of a towering Alaska glacier? Bald eagles soar overhead, nesting sea birds are everywhere, seals and sea otters loll nearby, and massive water falls pour down sheer cliffs on all sides. Wow!

WHITEWATER RAFTING: How about the one where you paddle a raft through raging Class III or IV (or Class V!) whitewater, waves splashing over you as you dig in with your paddle to generate the speed necessary to execute the turn that will get you past that hole, around that boulder, and through that canyon with your skin? (with an experienced guide to make sure it all works out, of course).

GLACIER TREKKING & ICE CLIMBING: Then there’s the fantasy where you strap on crampons and venture out onto a frozen river of ice flowing down from a 16,000’+ volcano, to explore the fascinating glacial topography; or, better yet, pull on a harness, grab a couple of ice axes, fix an ice screw at the top of a pitch, and test your gumption as you attempt to ascend a vertical wall of glacial ice. If harnesses, ropes and ice axes sound like a bit too much adventure for you, more modest (but still spectacular) guided treks onto the glacier and through the fascinating glacial ecology are included activities on most of our Multi-Sport / Hiking tour vacations.

DAY HIKING: A tamer but no less exhilarating dream might have you lacing up your boots and grabbing your day pack for a hike up alongside a heavily crevassed and very blue glacier. Through the alder, birch and spruce you climb, then the wildflower meadows, through the habitat of moose and marmots, bears and mountain goats, and finally across the snowy alpine tundra to a stony outcrop. From this privileged perch you overlook the glacial-carved valley you’ve just climbed out of in one direction, and a jaw-dropping, 800-square mile ice field to the other, with snow-capped mountain peaks towering all around. The Harding Ice Field: Wow! As this and all other hikes are day hikes leaving from our base camp you need only carry a small day pack with your lunch, camera, water bottle and so on. There is never any need to carry a heavy backpack!

FOR THOSE WHO WANT MORE… Get Up and Go! Alaska Multi-Sport / Hiking Tours are designed for those who want more from their Alaska experience-more excitement, more challenge, more adventure, more fun! Our Multi-Sport / Hiking Tours are just what they sound like: active adventures in which you experience Alaska directly, challenging yourself with a variety of exciting adventure sport activities and sensational day hikes.

The best part is, NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY to participate in any of these adventures, and unlike some other so-called Alaska “multi-sport” tour companies, most or all of these activities are INCLUDED on most of our Multi-Sport / Hiking tours, rather than being available at substantial additional cost and hassle. Anyone who is reasonably fit, sufficiently healthy, and eager to ‘go for it!’ is welcome to join our guides and small group as we venture out into the wilds for an active Alaskan adventure you’ll never forget! Please join us!


Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour: Lodge-Based
10 days

Lodge-based: $4,250 pp ($1,275 Single Supplement): June 23-July 2; July 7-16; July 21-30; August 4-13*; August 15-24* (*Fall Colors & Northern Lights!)

Alaska Explorer Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour: ‘Camp & Cabin’
7 days

Camp & Cabin-based: $1,895 pp: June 23-29; July 7-13; July 21-27; August 11-17*; August 25-31*

Mountains & Glaciers Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour: ‘Camp & Cabin’
6 days

Camp & Cabin-based: $1,750 pp ($80 Single Supplement): June 9-14; July 7-12; August 4-9*
(*Fall Colors & Northern Lights!)

Alaska Ranger Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tours: ‘Camp & Cabin’
6 days

Camp & Cabin-based: $1,675 pp + local sales tax: June 2-7; June 16-21; July 14-19; July 28-August 2; August 18-23

Kenai Explorer Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)

Family Fun and Adventure! Lodge-based
9 days

Lodge-based: $2,695 adults, $1,695 children plus local sales tax: June 12-20; June 23-July 1; July 7-15; July 19-27; August 2-10; August 16-24. Additional, custom and/or private dates possible, as are private Camp & Cabin-based trips, please inquire.

Alaska Family Explorer Tour Description Sheet (.pdf)


For details and descriptions of combination tours, please see the descriptions of the shorter tours that compose them.

When you sign up for any of our combination tours you’ll receive a $50 lodging credit/discount, to be applied to the Anchorage hotel or hostel of your choice

*Note: The “+” sign indicates that there may be one or more unguided/free additional layover days in Anchorage between tour segments. Take a day off, or go on an Anchorage-Area Day Hike or two with us!

12 & 13+ Day Combination Tours

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 12+ days.
Camp & Cabin-based: $3,375 pp + local sales tax: June 2-14; July 7-19, July 28-August 9.

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 13+ days.
‘Camp & Cabin’-based: $3,520 + local sales tax: June 16-29; July 7-19; July 14-27; July 21-August 2; August 18-31.

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 13+ days.
‘Camp & Cabin’-based: $3,595: August 4-17

16+ Day Combination Tours

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 16+ days.
Lodge and ‘Camp & Cabin’-based: $5,875. June 16-July 2; July 14-30; July 28-August 13.

19+ Day Combination Tours

Multi-Sport / Hiking Tour. 19+ days.
‘Camp & Cabin’-based: $5,220 + local sales tax: June 9-29; July 7-27; July 21-August 9; July 28-August 17

Matanuska Glacier trekkers

“I just wanted to tell you how exciting our adventure was. We could not have had a better experience than we had with Get Up and Go! Tours. The guide, Dave, was excellent. You should be very proud of what your company has to offer. I would, without reservation, recommend your company to anyone who wants to experience Alaska. Once again, many thanks,”
–Dennis and Gayle Brandon, Wilmington, NC. Alaska Explorer

“…I had such and awesome time and certainly did things I never imagined I would. Matthew and Dave were excellent guides, and I had an opportunity to go “extreme” with both of them on two separate hikes. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime.”
–Paul Bradley, Toronto, Ontario. Alaska Explorer and Mountains & Glaciers

“Dear Geoff, Just settling in after my awesome trip to Alaska……. Wanted to let you know that your guides were exceptional !!!!!!!! They made the tour not only fun but a complete adventure. It turned out to be one of the best vacations I have experienced…. Your guides were informative, experienced, and so pleasant to be around that they put every one at ease. They were fun and professional at all times. Please keep me up to date on any new tours available and I will highly recommend your company to everyone who asks about my trip. Sincere thanks.”
–Anne Marie Duffy, Peekskill, New York. Mountains & Glaciers

“Thanks again for a wonderful trip, I can’t even begin to describe how much I enjoyed everything… The hikes and activities were awesome, especially the ice climbing! I will definitely return and do another trip with you….” –Dr. David Corteville, UCSF

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