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1. What activities are you most interested in?
  Day Hiking / Walking
  Sea Kayaking and/or Rafting
  Wildlife Viewing and Natural History
  All of the above!
2. What type of accommodation are you interested in?
  Lodge or cabin-based
  Mostly camping with the occasional lodge or cabin
  Mostly lodges or cabins with occasional camping
  Whatever is most appropriate to the region
3. How long a trip are you likely interested in?
  5 days or less
  6-9 days
  10-15 days
  16-25 days
  I'm flexible; it depends
4. What is your age?
5. How would you describe your fitness level?
  Very Good
6. What is your outdoor experience level?
  Very Experienced: I've done several backcountry trips on my own
  Experienced: I enjoy camping regularly and/or I've been on a guided hiking or camping tour before
  Somewhat experienced: I've done some camping and/or enjoy hiking
  Not Very Experienced: I've been car camping once or twice
  Not At All Experienced: This is something completely new for me
7. Which of the following destinations might you also be interested in traveling to?
  Baja California, Mexico (Multi-Sport)
  Everglades National Park (Sea Kayaking)
  Lake Powell, Utah/Arizona (Sea Kayaking)
  Oaxaca, Mexico (Multi-Sport/Cultural)
  Two or more of these sound great!
8. How many previous guided hiking or multi-sport/adventure tours have you gone on?
  6 or more